4 Reasons An Escape Game Is Great For Team Building

Are you stuck for the right game to use as a team building exercise in London?

If so, you should really try an escape room.

An escape room is more than just a fun and unusual way to spend an afternoon. It’s also a great way to strengthen your team’s bond. There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of an escape to boost camaraderie and make you work together to achieve a common goal. Before you know it, your team will be closer than ever, making them all the more effective when that next challenging project comes up at work.

Still looking for a reason to use an escape game as a team building exercise? We’ll give you four of them.

Read on.


1. You’ll Get To Know Each Other Better

Spending time with your team in an unusual environment – while still focused on a common goal – will encourage you to interact in ways you wouldn’t at the office. This will help you get to know each other as people, and not just as employees.

As a plus, you’ll also uncover some of your team members’ hidden talents. Different people are good at solving different puzzles. As you scramble to unlock the room and make your exit, everyone’s strengths will become much clearer.


2. You’ll Have To Work Together

They say there’s no I in team. And when it comes to breaking out of an escape room, this couldn’t be more true.

If you want to win the game, you’ll need to solve a whole series of puzzles, challenges and mysteries. There’s just no way one person can do this all by themselves and still finish on time. You’ll need to share the workload and pull the same rope.  


3. You’ll Have To Communicate

When it comes to teamwork, good communication skills are essential. Trying to get out of an escape room within an hour will make this all the more apparent.

You can’t find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room unless you share information and discuss possible solutions together. This will encourage your team members to express themselves clearly and effectively and, more importantly, to listen to each other.


4. You’ll Boost Team Spirit

Who are we kidding?

Winning is fun. Nothing beats the sense of satisfaction that comes with overcoming a challenge and achieving a common goal. Your team will also feel a lot closer, as you now share a common bond.

Best of all? A successful escape is the perfect excuse for a celebration, which will motivate your team to want to win even more.

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