Can escape games help to reduce stress?

Stress is a common factor in daily life with an increasing number of people feeling regularly stressed out by work and life events. Low level stress can go on for so long that it may feel normal. So how can an escape room help? An escape room game, sometimes called an exit game, is a total immersion game where you find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape the room.

Whilst being locked in a room may not seem like the ideal stress reliever, this game of mental agility can increase your resilience to stress, and reduce your stress hormones by having fun.

If you are suffering from stress it is, of course, essential that you take time to relax, eat all the right foods, don’t drink too much alcohol and get enough sleep. If a friend or family member is unusually moody or becoming withdrawn they may be suffering from stress.

It is a common problem. But whilst some people seem to struggle with having too much to do or having too many demands on their time, others seem to thrive on it. The reason behind this is they have a stronger resilience to stress.

If you are within your comfort zone, and have a good level of stress resilience, a manageable level of stress can make you feel more alert, focussed and energetic.

Whilst personality can be a factor, there are ways that you can increase your resilience to stress, leading you to cope better with the demands of your day to day life.

Take a break

When people take a break from work they often spend their time thinking or talking about work. In an exit game you will be totally immersed in the story and mystery of the game. If your overactive mind needs something different to focus on, an hour in an escape room is ideal.

Improve your relationships

The quality of your relationships with others is critical to how well you cope with problems. Spending time face to face with friends or family helps to strengthen bonds and feelings of unity. In an escape room you will be working together to solve puzzles and find clues, whilst improving your communication and listening skills.

Raise your confidence

Exit games aren’t easy. They are designed to be challenging, and every small win within the room will give you a great sense of achievement and boost your confidence as a team. The ability to rise to challenges with a ‘can do’ attitude will not only help you win the game it will help you win at life’s challenges too.

Laughter really is the best medicine

It’s true. These games are fun. Having fun and laughing reduces the level of stress hormones in your body and relaxes your pent up nervous system. An escape room game is a great way to unwind with friends and have a great time.