How locked room games can improve your memory

A locked room game is a fun and exciting activity where a group of players are locked in a room together. They have to solve puzzles and find clues to escape before their time runs out. So how can a locked room game improve your memory?

Everyone can improve their memory and cognitive skills by working on them regularly. Just as regular exercise helps your body stay healthy, keeping your brain active has many benefits. Puzzles such as crosswords and sudoku are popular ways of exercising your brain through problem solving. They use both your long term memory, for retrieving words and following clues, as well as your short term working memory for mental arithmetic and problem solving.

Whilst the benefits of this type of game are well documented, they are usually played by just one person on their own. And whilst logical thinking is needed, there is no pressure, you can take all the time you want to solve it.

Locked room games, or escape games, are different. They challenge your memory and thinking skills in an unfamiliar environment, with a limited time to complete the task.

They are also social team games. You play as a group and collaborate to work out the problems you are faced with. The importance of social activities in improving cognitive skills and memory shouldn’t be underestimated. During the game you will need to discuss the clues, listen to your team mates and be prepared to think differently to succeed.

Unlike solitary games, working with others in an escape game helps to improve your communication skills. In turn, this also helps your memory. Remembering who said what or which clues they found is essential to your success in the game.

The game is designed to be fun, but there is also a time limit. This adds an element of pressure and excitement. Thinking logically and solving riddles and puzzles under pressure challenges your mind much more than other games.

Every game has a creative storyline where you play a different role. You have just one hour to solve all the puzzles in the room and escape.

Regularly exercising your brain is proven to improve your memory and help to guard against memory loss in later life. Social activities can also help to keep your brain active. Why not try a locked room game? London has many of these games which provide an exciting, interactive and fully immersive experience where you can challenge yourself, and your friends whilst having fun.