Things you won’t find in our escape room.

Are you interested in trying an escape room but don’t know what to expect? If you are looking for an escape room London has plenty to try out, but they are all deliberately vague about what happens in the room. It’s all part of the mystery, and they don’t want to give anything away. So, what doesn’t happen during a game?


Honest. You won’t have time to get bored. During the 60 minutes that you spend in the room the clock will be counting down as you hunt for clues and solve puzzles. These games are intense and fully immersive. As you enter the room you will be entering a new story and given a mission to complete. You need to be totally focussed in order to escape on time.

Simple tasks

This isn’t an easy game. Lots of people don’t make it out in time. The puzzles were designed to challenge your mind and make you think. The room can be solved, but only if you engage with the story and solve the puzzles in time. Different games have different difficulty levels so you can pick the right level for you and your team.

Difficult physical challenges

These escape games are all about the mental challenge. Yes there are clues to find but we don’t have small tunnels to crawl through or laser beams to somersault over. So there’s no training needed.

Lone heroes

In this game you will have to work together as a team. You simply can’t do this alone. It’s not designed that way.  Whether there are two or five of you, you will all need to communicate and participate in order to escape.


In some countries like America, games work a bit differently. You simply book a time slot and turn up, playing with anyone who has booked the same slot. Whilst playing this with strangers certainly adds an extra element to the game, in the UK we book rooms for teams who already know each other.

Our games are ideal to be played with groups of friends or family. You can choose your best team players to get locked in with.

Fear factor

Lots of people like a fear or horror element to escape games. Storylines where you are trapped in a basement with a psychopath or in a haunted hospital can be very entertaining.  Some even follow the storyline of famous horror films.

However, these games don’t have a fear element. You won’t find yourself battling zombies or nightmare scenarios.

Escape rooms provide family friendly excitement where you will be happy to bring your teenage children or their grandparents. Yes, the tension builds as the clock counts down, but we prefer the fun factor.