Top tips to beat the room

Want some tips on how to successfully complete an escape game? Read on.

Team work

Working together as a team is one of the most important things you can do in an escape game. Everyone has an important part to play, you can’t get out alone.

Don’t waste time

The clock is ticking and you only have an hour to escape. Use your time wisely as every second counts. Spending too much time on one puzzle may mean that you don’t have enough left for the others.

Look for patterns and clues

To escape you need to look for hidden clues and messages and solve the puzzles in the right order. There may be locks to undo, keys to find or even secret codes. Look around you and explore your environment. Open boxes and drawers, look for secret compartments or passageways. Things may be left in the room to mislead or help you, so keep an open mind.

Talk to each other

Keep communicating with your team during the game. If you are all off trying to solve things by yourselves you won’t succeed. If you find something, no matter how insignificant it may seem, tell your team mates. It may be a crucial detail that you will need later.

Don’t be afraid to ask for hints

If you are struggling, ask your host for some guidance. Most exit games provide hints and clues for people who get stuck. They won’t solve it for you, but they can point you in the right direction.

Don’t panic, keep a clear head

With time ticking by, towards the end everyone will start to rush to escape in time. This can be where major clues get missed. Try to stay calm and keep on looking for clues right up to the end.

Don’t give up

It’s common to escape in the last few minutes, many games are impossible to complete any faster. If a puzzle seems impossible, perhaps you’re approaching it from the wrong angle. Take a deep breath and keep going. Freedom may be closer than you think.

Don’t forget your mission.

Every new game will send you on a new adventure. The rooms can be full of distractions, red herrings and misinformation. Listen to the instructions from your host and keep your mission in mind as you go through the game.

Have fun

As with any adventure, it’s all about the journey not the destination. Laughing and having fun with friends? That’s true escapism. Enjoy.