What can you learn about your co workers from an escape game?

An escape game may seem an unlikely idea for a work do at first, but let me explain. Yes you may be shut in the office with them all day, but everyone is in their comfort zone. There’s office politics, gossip and everyone had a defined job role. In an escape game, none of that matters. Everyone is equal and everyone has to work together to escape the room.

Find out your group dynamics

Under pressure and with a task to solve, natural leaders will emerge. They will be the one with the plan or strategy. Not to be confused with bossiness, these leaders will ensure everyone plays a part in the escape.

Are you all team players?

There’s nothing like a challenge and potential glory to bring out everyone’s ego. Team players will ensure everyone is included and has a share in the success.

Who’s the best problem solver?

It’s not always the one who shouts the loudest that has the answers. Those who can think outside the box or with a logical mind are the best at solving puzzles. Make sure you listen to them.

Who are the good communicators?

It’s not the volume of the voice that’s important, it’s what they have to say. Being able to voice your thoughts clearly and concisely is what makes someone a good communicator. Being able to explain how to solve a puzzle or riddle could be the key to your escape.

Who are the best listeners?

Of course, it’s no good telling everyone your ideas if you’re not willing to listen to any one else’s. Listening to each other is an essential part of communication. It allows you to pool all your ideas and find the best way forward.

Who’s the most observant?

Missing clues in the room will ensure your failure. There will be people who see things others miss so make sure you are all listening to each other and communicating your ideas

Who keeps a clear head in a crisis?

One of the most important things in the game is not to panic. Not everyone can stay calm and focus on a problem whilst chaos ensues. But this is an essential skill in an escape game.

Who has the best sense of humor?

These are the people who keep everyone else going when things aren’t going well. Their optimism is infectious and keeps everyone having fun on the task.

So the next time you want to get to know your colleagues a bit better, suggest something different. Visit an escape room and let the fun begin.