Why exit games are perfect for gamers

Do you love playing computer games and challenging your friends online? Then you will love an exit game. An exit game is fully immersive experience where you are locked in a room and have to work out how to escape. Have you ever wanted to put your gaming skills to the test in a real life situation? Here’s your chance.

You will be put in a room and given a mission that you need to carry out in order to escape. You have a limited time, usually an hour, and there will be clues and puzzles to solve along the way.

All is not always what is seems in the escape room, they are full of surprises and you need to keep your mind focussed. You can’t afford to miss any clues and every second counts. As the time counts down the pressure starts to build as you try to make it out in time.

Why not challenge your friends to bring their skills to a live exit game. The skills that make you great at playing computer games can also help you to beat the clock and escape. When playing your favourite games you need to stay focused. You need logical thinking and the ability to adapt quickly to new environments and new problems.

During an exit game you need all these skills, as well as excellent communication and listening skills, to solve the room.  You will work as a team as you look for clues and solve puzzles together. Every success in the room will feel like getting to another level in your favourite game. Not everyone escapes in time, the puzzles weren’t designed to be easy. They were designed to challenge your problem solving skills to the maximum.

Instead of staying at home playing games, why not meet up with your friends for a challenge with a difference? Getting together socially with friends and meeting up face to face is something you can miss out on when playing at home.

These games are highly addictive, if you don’t get out in time, you will want to try again. If you do escape, you will want a bigger and better challenge

Why not make a regular event of this with your friends? London has lots of different venues to choose from. Each exit game has a different story and the level of difficulty varies, so you can keep challenging yourself and your friends to harder game rooms.